Boundless advertising

What is the best way to exploit Rimini Fiera as a location for your events and publicity campaigns?

For you, we have designed numerous types of advertising media that ensure brands the utmost creative expression and publicity with a high visual impact on all visitors to our expos.

A vast range of advertising solutions are available: ads in expo catalogues and on floor-plan guides; inclusion of banners on fairs´ web sites and in newsletters; visual publicity inside and outdoors at the expo centre; maxi-screen spots, visitor badge branding, sponsorships, human billboards and many other advertising media.


Brand Exposure Office
Patrizia Sapigni
Phone (+39) 0541 744453
Fax (+39) 0541 744747

Brand Exposure Office
Lara Wruss
Phone (+39) 0541 744469
Fax (+39) 0541 744747

Brand Exposure Office
Giancarlo Morsello
Phone (+39) 0541 744623
Fax (+39) 0541 744747

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