Technical area services
a) technical logistic services
- consultancy in exhibit space management and exploitation; - production of the general exhibit floor plan in .dwg format; - drawing up of the service guide for exhibitors, backing up the specific exhibition requirements; - organization of all tests regarding safety at the expo centre and on stands; - design of exhibit layout supply and set-up of custom fitted stands (shell schemes) with the possibility of renting additional furniture; rigging service and suspended structures - electricity, water and compressed air supplies; - telecommunications, wi-fi, Web TV.
- ticket counter system: - design and dimensioning of ticket desks; - management of performing rights problems;  - production and management of various types of admission media; - access control; - fiscal/tax reports;  - traffic statistics; compulsory and additional insurance;
- car parks; - automatic payment machines for car parks; - railway station with services on request and automatic ticket dispenser in the expo centre; -  shuttle bus service to and from Rimini, Bologna and Forlì airports; - helitaxi service; - car hire;
- night and day surveillance;
- rooms for company meetings; • conference rooms; • plant rental;
- loading and unloading goods and packaging storage; - transport of material to and from the expo centre; - material shipment service c/o DHL office at the expo centre;
- cleaning service
- design, realization and rental of advertising points in the expo centre; - photography service.    

b) Personal service:
- exhibitor reception and assistance with qualified staff (SATE office); - visitor assistance with qualified staff (business centre); - hostesses and interpreters; - access control staff

c) catering service:
- two à la carte restaurants, three free flow restaurants, six bars and snack points; - catering service organization on exhibitors´ stands, in conference areas or in other locations outside the expo centre. (summertrade)

d) Miscellaneous services and shopping areas