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28/01/2016 12.22.45
2016, a year of science and medicine at Rimini´s Palacongressi
To date, more than 70 meetings and events have already been scheduled in the 2016 agenda of the Event & Conference Business Unit of Rimini Fiera.
. 28 of these are dedicated to the national and international medical/scientific world.
Over the coming months, an estimated 55,000 participants will flock to Rimini, attracting more than 130,000 visitors to the local area.

Rimini, 28 January 2016 – 2016 gets under way at the Palacongressi di Rimini in the interest of science and medicine The first informative portal dedicated to Italy´s 400,000 nurses, ´´, has chosen the ´Palas´ as the location for its new, expanded newsroom, with 28 of the 70 events confirmed for this year addressing topics related to scientific research and healthcare. Three major international meetings are scheduled: the SCIVAC Congress (National Small Animal Veterinary Association) in May, attracting 2,500 veterinarians, the ´2nd European Mineralogical Conference – EMC´, with the top 800 scientists on the continent, and the ´EUROSAS Surgery 2016´ congress, hosting 300 leading European specialists in the treatment of sleep disorders.

Such a rich programme of events will attract approximately 55,000 participants to Rimini by next December. And this number is expected to grow, as there are more events on the Palacongressi calendar yet to be confirmed. It is however estimated that events at the ´Palas´ will bring as many as 130,000 visitors to the local area. Taking into account large-scale events to be held in Rimini Fiera, such as the ´Meeting for Friendship Amongst Peoples´ or the initiatives of the ´Renewal in the Holy Spirit Association´, the figure is destined to exceed a million visitors.

Positive feedback for January, traditionally considered a quiet month in terms of congress activity, compared to other periods of the year. It clocked up 9 events, 10,000 participants and more than 22,000 visitors. All thanks to the by now traditional ´Italian Sport Dance Championships´ (running until January 31) and to the success of the 2 performances of the opera ´Madama Butterfly´, on the first days of the new year.

´The Palacongressi is emerging as a vital place of debate and discussion among researchers, scientists and physicians. This year, the meetings we are hosting will address issues that go beyond the interest of specialists or healthcare professionals. One that comes to mind is the work of the Italian Society of Diabetology or that of Radiation Oncology, or the congresses organised by the Clinical Microbiology Society and the Italian Rheumatology Society – explains Stefania Agostini, Manager Event & Conference Business Unit of Rimini Fiera – the fact that the journalists of Ô´ chose us for the location of their newsroom is a clear indicator that they are intent on giving their readers the most up-to-date news. The Palas, therefore, is not only of economic benefit to Rimini and the local area, it also provides an equally important cultural aspect´.

Elisabetta Vitali (Communications and Media Relations Manager Rimini Fiera), Alessandra Fiorano (Press Officer Rimini Fiera)
Carlo Bozzo (Media consultant Event and Conferece Business Unit Rimini Fiera) +39 3355778445 –

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