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25/07/2016 12.48.10

As announced in January, at the end of SIGEP, since 8th June 2016, Rimini Fiera has been working on the expo centre to innovate its structural, logistic and technological setup with the aim of supporting the business development of the expos it hosts.

The work regards the twelve connecting halls, identified with ´even´ numbering at both the east and west ends.

At the end of the overall work - at the end of 2017 - the gross expo area will rise from 113,000 to 129,000 sq.m. (+16,000 sq.m.).

There will be a total investment of 19 million euros and the expo centre will ensure further opportunities of use, increasing its well-known flexibility and maintaining a ratio between service and expo areas that respects the world´s highest standards.

The work´s timing foresees the first four areas being made available within December 2016 (2 at the east and 2 at the west end) with a gross space of 5,000 sq.m.

The following 4 halls will be available from July 2017, thus completing the first phase. This first expansion work on 8 halls will raise the expo area from 113,000 to 123,000 sq.m. (a 10,000 sq.m. increase).

The second phase of the work will then begin, with work on the remaining 4 halls, which will be consigned in December 2017 and 129,000 sq.m. of gross expo space will thus be reached

The work facilitates important improvements:

- Expands space at the disposal of exhibiting companies and improves its usability, since it will double (from two to four) the halls´ crossing corridors, further exploiting the expo areas. The end of the halls will be replaced by safety doors with ample glazing, which will ensure greater luminosity, following the policy for respecting the environment and exploiting natural light.

- Makes use of the expo centre even more flexible when exhibitions are held simultaneously, exploiting to the utmost the possibility of using its three entrances together or separately.

- Ensures more rational access by vehicles and people during set-up/standfitting and dismantling. The flow of vehicles at the expo centre before and after expos will be further regulated, vehicles will able to park alongside the halls during loading/unloading and for the remaining time will be parked in the large areas available to the east and west.

- Enables to maximize the existing air-conditioning systems, which will be implemented by a heat pump to ensure better performance.

The architectural design is by Hamburg´s Gerkan, Marg und Partner – which designed the entire expo centre – which will have the collaboration of Rimini´s Mijic architects studio and other local studios. The construction work will be by a temporary association of companies formed by CBR and CEV. The work regarding systems and plant will be by F.lli Franchini.

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