Environmental policy
Rimini Fiera has UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 environmental certification: the entire expo centre (recipient of the prestigious international ELCA "Building with Green" award in Nuremberg) is managed under the banner of low environmental impact with indoor and outdoor landscaped areas and green spaces covering 160,000 square metres, as well as 1,500 trees and bushes and 30,000 square metres of lawn.
115,000 square metres of photovoltaic systems; the centre´s air conditioning is based on a system that produces cold at night, ensuring a low energy impact on the local community, and is thus able to lower the temperature during the day (a sort of "ice bank") and for the heating, there is a plant with a condensing boiler.
The timber that is a highlight of our centre's architectural features comes from managed Scandinavian forests.
Illumination is mainly natural; in the areas with constant artificial illumination, mainly LED technology is used.
All fountains recycle the water they use and the water obtained during the periodic procedure of emptying the venue´s fountains and pools is treated and used again to irrigate the green and landscaped zones. The water flow in the centre's toilets is at a controlled pressure.
There are waste collection points throughout the expo centre premises and grounds, enabling source-segregated collection of visitors´ waste.
The main-line railway station, at the entrance to the expo centre, reduces the impact of traffic on the environment.